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Head of Project, Senior Technical Lead and Program Manager

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CARE Česká republika z.s.

Slezská 2033/11, Praha-Vinohrady

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70 000 - 100 000 Kč


Práce na plný úvazek, Práce na zkrácený úvazek


Pracovní smlouva


Bonuses, Cell phone, Notebook, Flexible start/end of working hours, Holidays 5 weeks, Educational courses, training, Sick days, Occasional work from home, Individual schedules of working hours, Opportunity to work up hours, Foreign business trips, Self-organization of the job, Dog-friendly office, International conferences, Launch of a completely new project




Czech (Pokročilá), English (Pokročilá)


Bankovnictví a finanční služby, IS/IT: Konzultace, analýzy a projektové řízení, Vrcholový management

O pozici

Job Description: Head of Project Strive Czechia, Senior Technical Lead and Program Manager

CARE’s Head of Strive Czechia is a new position that will help to unlock the power of Micro and Small entrepreneurs (MSEs) in the Czech Republic. This effort aims to improve digitalize and grow over 250,000 MSEs by connecting entrepreneurs, especially women, with a one-stop shop of digital resources and mentoring, while developing a campaign to build demand and demystify digital resources; improving access to financial services; and providing critical support services. Leveraging partners, CARE will be the coalition builder to deliver these services through local partners such as FSPs (Financial services providers), business development services providers, marketing firms, and the government. In addition, the effort will build an integrated ecosystem of stakeholders that will support MSEs in the Czech Republic through a learning network and by bringing visibility to industry-level and MSE-level data, learning, and sharing.

In three years, the complex project will contribute to the digitalization and development of more than 250,000 MSEs, deeply support 42,500 micro and small businesses and 10,000 Ukrainian refugees and will work to build the capacity of an ecosystem of local partners in the Czech Republic that will support MSEs – including the more vulnerable and underrepresented – to become digital, stay financially resilient and grow. The project also aims to influence government priorities around supporting the digitalization of MSEs.

The project approach (starting summer 2022 in CZ) has three goals:

1. Build demand for – and simplify the path to – MSE digitalization. Strive Czechia will reach more than 250,000 entrepreneurs with a first-of-its-kind digital one-stop shop targeted at all micro and small businesses and a digitalization campaign. The objective of the one-stop shop will be to provide a seamless and integrated journey to identify MSEs' needs through an AI-driven self-assessment that will tailor the next step in the journey accordingly - either directing MSEs to more advice, information, mentoring or other products and services (such as loans). Demand for this one-stop shop will be driven through a large-scale digitalization campaign that will focus messaging on the value of digital tools and resources for MSEs, testimonials of success stories, easy ways to digitalize their business, and how to access support services - especially through the one-stop shop.

2. Increase access to finance and a range of critical support services to 42,500 underserved entrepreneurs, focusing on MSEs owned or led by women or Ukrainian refugees. Strive Czechia will engage with two to three financial service providers (FSPs) as well as peer groups and other partners to provide a range of critical support services (mentoring, coaching, digital capabilities, hard skills and soft skills). Recognizing that female entrepreneurs represent one of the most powerful groups of entrepreneurs – and yet also one of the most marginalized – at least 40% of Strive Czechia's reach will be women. Given the influx of Ukrainian refugees to the Czech Republic, the project will work with existing local partners to directly support at least 10,000 Ukrainian refugees and Ukrainian-led Czech solopreneurs/MSEs to succeed on the Czech market and gain economic independence.

3. Strengthen the Czech entrepreneurial support system. Central to Strive Czechia is CARE’s commitment to ensure that the program’s impact extends far beyond our direct reach by sustained capacity building of local implementation partners. Strive Czechia will create a Strive Learning network for amplified messaging of program results and learnings, hosting and attending convenings in-country and on a European Union scale, collecting and sharing industry and impact data, influencing industry players and relevant national and EU institutional funding bodies, and key stakeholders. Strive Czechia also will share stories of the partnership, findings and results via in-country and EU-based media. We will partner with a range of local providers, including FSPs, business accelerators, government, civil society and mobile networks, to increase entrepreneur access to digital resources, finance and critical support services and support government digitalization strategy.


This role will require a combination of technical expertise, project management and leadership, and excellent communication, research, and knowledge management skills. The first is providing technical assistance to the in-country team to ensure program quality and consistency is high and ensuring that products are designed with the user in mind, leveraging research exercises to turn insight into design changes. Next, the position will be responsible for ensuring that team hire are in place, partnerships are secured, and all deliverables are delivered on time. Third, this position will be key to ensuring that coordination is happening among stakeholders, and that they are actively engaged in the learning network. Fourth, the position will be responsible for capturing and communicating key learnings for CARE and the industry on best practices learned through this initial effort. Finally, this role will be responsible for regular communication and reporting to the funding client on progress toward short term and long term goals of this effort. In all cases, the position will require close coordination, communication, and rapport-building with the CARE USA team.

  • Create, strategize, and manage the overall grant timeline in partnership project team, partners, vendors
  • Manage the project team and partners, contracts, cooperate with project stakeholders and CARE technical leads on all aspects of implementing this grant in CZ
  • Actively support delivery of all 3 project goals, personally engage in goal 3
  • Supervise the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the project and its CZ financing and oversee and communicate changes
  • Focus on delivering the core grant and working with CARE to look for opportunities to replace and expand the portfolio
  • Ensure that all project findings, research is translated into communication or knowledge products
  • Monitor regular feedback sessions to ensure that products and services are optimized and provide value to the user
  • Work with the program team and the funder to ensure regular reporting is delivered as required by the grant conditions
  • Engage in relevant project communication, promotion and networking.


  • Master's degree in Business Administration, Social Entrepreneurship or equivalent
  • Demonstrated success in managing large, complex projects, including a strong background in high level planning, organizational and time management skills, including flexibility, attention to detail and the ability to work under pressure to meet challenging deadlines
  • Prior work experience with entrepreneurial ecosystems and small business financial services
  • 7+ years work experience in relevant field or equivalent experience
  • Very good orientation in Czech insitutional environment and project related industry context
  • Proven understanding of digital financial solutions and digital tools that can target low-income entrepreneurs
  • Experience in financial inclusion, entrepreneurism, microfinance, or access to finance preferred
  • Proven ability to engage with financial service providers, and other key partners to co-create and deliver services
  • Demonstrates keen awareness for sensitive and confidential information
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills, including the ability to formulate recommendations and advice for senior leadership that will inform development of relevant business lines
  • Ability to convey complex technical ideas to a non-technical audience
  • Well-developed interpersonal skills, including the ability to liaise effectively at senior levels
  • Strong ability to communicate and function effectively in local/international/multicultural environment
  • Excellent networking with a demonstrated ability to build and maintain professional relationships
  • Strong analytical, reporting and writing skills
  • Pro-active, constructive attitude, open to feedback
  • Previous work in developing contexts is preferred (not mandatory)
  • Fluency in Czech and English is mandatory.

CARE is offering a full FTE working contract up to end of the project (approx. June 2025). The position is based in Prague and involves occasional travel within CZ and possibly Brussels.

In case of interest please send electronically your CV and motivation cover/letter (mandatory).

Contact person: Katarína Klamková, mob.: + 420 608 820 637 /In the annaul leave period 7th-14th August, if necessary, please contact deputy Kateřina Buráňová, mob.: +420 739 324 019/

About the Organization CARE:
CARE is an international NGO with local staff and community partners in more than 100 countries. We create local solutions to poverty and inequality and we seek dignity for everyone every day and during times of crisis. These solutions have a broad range, from clean water to access to education; from microfinance to ensuring that everyone has nutritious food; from agriculture and climate change to disaster response. CARE puts women and girls at the center of everything we do because they have proven to be the best hope for creating lasting change in the world. Our project staff live where they work, which makes us effective at understanding the challenges they face. We’ve been doing this for over 75 years, since World War II. It started with the world’s first CARE Package® of food for the post-war hungry in Europe. Our work today is as important as ever.,

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