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Support Analyst - Vehicles / CRM

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Keyloop (Česká Republika) s.r.o.

Holešovice 1146, Praha

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English (Pokročilá)


Auto - moto

O pozici

Keyloop bridges the gap between dealers, manufacturers, technology suppliers and car buyers.

We empower car dealers and manufacturers to fully embrace digital transformation. How? By creating innovative technology that makes selling cars better for our customers, and buying and owning cars better for theirs.

We use cutting-edge technology to link our clients’ systems, departments and sites. We provide an open technology platform that’s shaping the industry for the future. We use data to help clients become more efficient, increase profitability and give more customers an amazing experience. Want to be part of it?

People skills

Customer interaction

  • Manage customer interaction in a positive way, be able to clarify the problem, consistently demonstrate basic resolution of known problems
  • Demonstrate that you can consistently deal effectively with difficult and upset customers
  • Taking any cases from the stack, including high priority case handling, focusing on customer interaction and information gathering. Problem diagnosis and resolution on known issues and interaction with 3rd parties and OEMs
  • Inform TLs about any escalations
  • Attend and implement learning from customer service training

Team interaction

  • Interact in a collaborative way with the home market and other teams within primary module to diagnose and begin to resolve cases and to ensure the transfer of knowledge
  • Receives and communicates new knowledge to relevant people so that they understand it, and takes responsibility for own understanding and knowledge retention
  • Considers the needs of others and shows empathy when dealing with team members
  • Treats all associates with respect and is polite and courteous
  • Acts professionally with colleagues and puts them at ease
  • Regularly modifies their approach in order to sell an idea or gain someone’s support/ cooperation
  • Attempting to influence and overcome objections from colleagues and customers in order to satisfactorily resolve cases. This includes saying no to the customer and pushing through barriers at Keyloop At this stage attempting but escalating rather than challenging


  • Leadership standards as defined in Keyloop Leadership expectations - Individual Contributor
  • Demonstrate that you can prioritise and evaluate lots of tasks at once
  • Be able to manage your own time effectively
  • Be able to think clearly about how you can overcome the work given to you
  • Choose the most cost-effective, most time-effective solution that is known currently
  • Communication - phone, chat, written and Jabber (IM), different levels in Keyloop and customer
  • Consistently demonstrate your polite and friendly, clear and concise communication. Use different approaches to talk to different people in different situations
  • Follows oral instructions, Identifies with requests and tasks from management. Avoids misinterpretation of information given to them - always check for understanding
  • Demonstrates that you can write and speak grammatically in home country technical and business language and English to an acceptable level (C1/2) Translates technical concepts into plain language
  • Communicates effectively via written emails, case write-ups, Jabber
  • Consistently demonstrates good listening skills
  • Always updates customers on a regular basis using the customer's preferred communication channel
  • Remains calm when faced with conflict in most circumstances

Problem Solving

  • Identifies issues and relationships when comparing and gathering data from various sources.
  • Identify problems and interdependencies as well as evaluating if a problem is already known.
  • Makes realistic decisions based on logical assumptions, asks questions in order to extract key data and execute plans.
  • Identifies solution, applies and tests solution.
  • Considers all known alternatives before making a decision. Initiates coaching and handover in line with the SLA

Knowledge transfer and learning

  • Deliver basic training, following a course script, delivering existing content
  • Receiving coaching
  • Receiving mentoring
  • Pro-actively acquiring and sharing knowledge
  • Managing customer expectations and understand what the customer actually needs
  • Interpret what the customer is saying or has written and ask targeted questions to gain further information
  • Use the established escalation routes, establish realistic time-lines for customer updates or issue resolution, focus on resolving the issue and afterwards on lessons learnt

Process and procedures


  • Tasks are actioned on a timely basis in line with SLA, SLAs are understood and delivered
  • Know who the CRI team are, where to find the information and how to flag a potential CRI issue
  • Read and familiarise with the Support procedures and Best practices, make suggestions for improvement
  • Keyloop policies
  • Complete any mandatory eLearning, e.g. security, anti-bribery etc.
  • Support System tools
  • Be able to use the support tools to the standard defined in the Support best practice
  • Contributing to knowledge base


  • Be certified for Primary Module area specific knowledge (known issues) required for diagnosis and resolution of basic cases.
  • Be able to use Data maintenance and demonstrate an understanding of consequences of its use.
  • Be familiar with home country and primary module MS and CS Interfaces.

Typical Experience

  • Tech support - 1-3 years
  • Customer Service - 1-3 years
  • Education level - Tertiary education - college or bachelors
  • Internal training - Training as outlined in Induction plan
  • Application support - Further training as proposed in individual training plans
  • General training - Keyloop Customer service training

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