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C++ Team Lead (Corona for 3ds Max)

Méně než 2 týdny


Chaos Czech a.s.


Karlovo náměstí 288/17, Praha-Nové Město

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100 000 - 125 000 Kč


Práce na plný úvazek, Práce na zkrácený úvazek


Pracovní smlouva


Bonuses, Flexible start/end of working hours, Meal tickets / catering allowance, Holidays 5 weeks, Educational courses, training, Refreshments on workplace, Contribution to sport / culture / leisure, Sick days, Occasional work from home, Corporate events, Individual schedules of working hours, Opportunity to work up hours, More than 5 weeks of vacation, Self-organization of the job, The possibility of study leave, International conferences


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IS/IT: Application and system development, Development Manager / Team Leader

O pozici

Your responsibilities:

  • Design and implementation of the architecture for the Corona for 3ds Max.
  • Technical and product leadership of the team of 5 members working on the development of Corona for 3ds Max.
  • Managing and overseeing 3ds Max development team (including days off approvals, conducting team meetings and performance reviews, bonuses and salary decision making, etc.).
  • Organization, planning, and evaluation of the Corona for 3ds Max development.
  • Releasing new commercial versions, daily builds, test versions, and release candidates of Corona for 3ds Max and associated technical release management.
  • Coordination with other development teams, QA, Support, etc.
  • Communication with users of Corona for 3ds Max, handling their suggestions and complaints, fixing bugs and deficiencies.
  • Last but not least, coding itself :)

We expect:

  • Experience in leading a team, good communication skills.
  • Knowledge of IT methodologies (agile, kanban).
  • Good C++ skills, fluency in modern C++.
  • Proficiency in English.
  • Interest and open-minded attitude to the new technologies.

We work with:

  • Cutting edge C++ standard (C++20) with (usually) latest MSVC and Clang.
  • Visual Studio, XCode, CLion. We give our developers a free hand in choosing their tools but the development itself is done primarily on Windows.
  • Common practice of development and QA - code reviews, unit tests, automated rendering tests.
  • Host applications SDKs, Qt (only for GUI) and other multi-platform frameworks.
  • High-performance libraries such as Intel Embree and Open Image Denoise. We also occasionally cooperate with Intel on the development of these libraries.
  • Automation/workflow tools such as git, CMake, and Python.
  • In-house tools we developed to fix weak points of the C++ ecosystem.

We offer:

  • A full-time position (minimum requirement of 35 hours/week).
  • Possibility to work on software that users love and that has global-scale impact (product visualization, AAA movies, TV ads, architecture, ...) and an association with the award-winning renderer, V-Ray.
  • Working with a single highly maintained codebase instead of an endless row of single-use projects.
  • Challenging tasks from research to application programming, including performance and memory optimizations.
  • No third-party dictated requirements, software architecture, and deadlines.
  • A team small enough to offer individual members space for creativity.
  • Quick product feedback from our enthusiastic user community.
  • Learning from experienced developers and researchers (e.g. Pixar).
  • Growth within the company, internal seminars and conferences. Possibility to move from one team to another one.
  • Participating on technology transfer, suggesting ideas and providing feedback during integrations with the parent company Chaos.
  • A bi-annual bonus based on work performance.
  • Salary above the stated limits in case of relevant computer graphics skills.
  • Work from our office in the center of Prague (Karlovo náměstí).
  • 3 paid sick days, 5 weeks of vacation from the start of cooperation, and additional vacation days based on the number of years spent in the company.
  • Regular bi-weekly company lunches, a relax room, a play room, a nap room, a fitness room, home office, face-to-face or on-line team buildings (e.g. laser games, go-karts, picnics, and various challenges, ...). We are also parent-friendly - we understand if you unexpectedly need to stay at home with your little one(s).

If you believe that you are a good match for the job, please send us your CV and a short cover letter. If you also have a project with source code that we could take a look at, we would be even happier. We prefer C++, but we will tackle other programming languages as well.

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